About D. Layne Studios:

Welcome, my name is Danette. I am excited to share my journey of creativity and deep thinking with you! As a writer and artist, my brain is always swirling with new thoughts, revelations and ideas to share. I look forward to expressing this loud brain of mine through my blog and artwork.

I write on a wide variety of topics, but focus mainly in the areas of faith, creativity, psychology and education. I am a lifelong introvert and expert over-thinker, so connecting unrelated topics is a speciality of mine. I also write art and film critiques, book reviews and poetry. I dabble in songwriting, but usually only share that with my labradoodle Lucy. I’m available for hire for freelance copy and journalism projects.

My artwork depends on my current season of life and state of mind. I enjoy creating with an array of artistic mediums, and most of my artwork is for sale. Please feel free to contact me to purchase artwork on my gallery page or for further information on shows, festivals and commissioned projects. You can also follow me on social media – just click the Instagram and Facebook buttons below.

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